Enter the mining machine market, KLUZ Protocol mining is coming soon


As the crypto market gradually enters the mainstream vision, the mining economy that reshapes the future financial system is gradually growing into a popular track with a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars. Whether it is from the exponentially increasing number of market participants or its increasingly vigorous ecosystem, mining for all is already a trend that cannot be ignored.

However, in the face of increasing carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, as well as the continuous "involution" of mining, there is an urgent need for more advanced computing power technology systems and more mature distribution models in the market. KLUZ Protocol mining came into being in this environment!

KLUZ Protocol mining is a new mining system initiated by Los Angeles blockchain enthusiasts and technology geeks to redefine the ecology of mining machines; through its first Protocol mining (protocol mining) mechanism, it will effectively gather all The storage capacity and bandwidth resources of the network participating users. And when providing diversified financial services to all participants in the network, give corresponding KLUZ incentives.

KLUZ's broader goal is to provide infrastructure services for decentralized web application developers, especially messaging, data streaming, peer-to-peer accounting, variable resource updates, storage insurance, payment channels, and database services.

Token name: KLUZ

Total issuance: 28 million

Market issue price: $1

Distribution mechanism: 5% held by the technology development team; 25% community rewards; 70% of the mining machine output in the market.

At present, KLUZ has received investment from many well-known institutions such as DFG, Leader Capital, and P2P CAPITA. Its influence has attracted many FIL, BZZ and other mining machine users in the market. According to statistics, in the global participation intention form of contract mining machines released by KLUZ last week, more than one million users have signed and expressed their expectations. KLUZ's launch.

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