ICCPP Held The Gene Tree Online Roundtable, The Ceramic Core Technology Will Be Released On 16th September



At 6 p.m. on September 8 UTC+8, Gene Tree Technology Sharing Online Roundtable with the theme of "Exploration and Innovation" was successfully held as scheduled. As the organizer of the online meeting, ICCPP, which has built international well-known atomization brands "VOOPOO" and "ZOVOO", discussed the topics about the upcoming ceramic core through technology sharing and Q & A. The Product Manager, PR Manager and R & D personnel of ICCPP attended the meeting. They introduced the industry background, pain points and solutions of ceramic core to the media, and finally showed the industry-leading research achievement - Gene tree Ceramic Core. Participants from Britain, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were invited to the meeting, including authoritative media, influential vape website and magazines, key opinion leaders and well-known vapers.

After five years of development, thick film ceramic core has become the mainstream. However, it still has three main pain points: No Powder Dropping And sticking, Good Taste And high reduction, and Long Lifespan And No Burning. According to the Product Manager of ICCPP, through the efforts of the scientific research team for more than 450 days, three pain points have been perfectly solved, and a future core with high purity, good taste and long lifespan - Gene Tree has been created.

In the Q & A session, media representatives and key opinion leaders from different countries actively communicated with the R & D personnel of ICCPP, and discussed on the brand significance, product application and future development of GENE TREE. Adrian Lo Dejavu, a well-known KOL from Malaysia, said that he has always liked products of VOOPOO. Gene tree is a breakthrough in the field of ceramic core. He looks forward to Gene Tree being applied to products and giving vapers a new taste experience.

At the end of the meeting, The PR Manager thanked the participants and announced that the Gene Tree ceramic core online launch would be officially held on September 16 UTC+8. At the online launch, ICCPP would share more technology applications and product stories. Videos of ceramic core manufacturing factory and user experience will also be released. Welcome to the 2021 Gene Tree Nano-tech Ceramic Core Online Launch.

It is reported that adhering to the business philosophy of creating a better future with science and technology, after nearly 10 years of development, ICCPP has become a global technology group integrating technology R & D, design, manufacturing and branding. Products and services spread over more than 70 countries and regions around the world, with about 30 million users. ICCPP shapes a multi-brand strategy including VOOPOO, ZOVOO, GENE and Smart Factory to structure ICCPP global collectivization system.

WARNING: This product may be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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