The global special report of international art masters --- Liu Shiquan


Liu Shiquan, born in 1964 in Wanzhou, Chongqing, now lives in Shenzhen.Influenced by his father since childhood, he deeply loves calligraphy, painting and sculpture.In the middle school teaching process, he deeply studied the theory of painting and calligraphy and insisted on copying famous works for a long time, especially in the process of glass carving process, guided by famous teachers, carving and painting skills become more skilled, later because of long-term adhere to copy hard research, there is inheritance and innovation in painting and calligraphy art.Now the national level artists, Chinese painter-calligrapher association new literary community home working committee, deputy secretary general, China couplet association, Chinese hard-pen calligrapher's association, member of Chinese calligrapher's association, calligraphy employs a registered teacher, avenue of stars variety channel CCTV program's artistic adviser, Chinese century big field trips, vice President of the academy, executive director of the association of Chinese cultural information and visiting fellow, wang xizhi, dean of painting and calligraphy institute qufu branch in China, the world outstanding Chinese artists, the Chinese representative Asian culture artists federation council members,. Korea art base member, xu beihong arts council sign painter,Visiting professor of Oxford College of Art, deputy editor-in-chief and deputy director of the editorial board of Rejuvenating The Nation through Science and Education and National Art.

Liu Shiquan in his artistic creation road, won the "prosperity of Chinese national culture is a pioneer in the new period in 2017" "2017 the most influential artist" "China's outstanding artists in the new Great Wall", "outstanding Chinese artists in the world" people's artist "" republic of China, cover. China's man of the age, one by one to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China national gift artist special contribution award honorary title.His works have won many awards at home and abroad: Silver Award in national Painting and Calligraphy Competition to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China;The 11th National Painting and Calligraphy Competition "Golden Tripod Award";Golden Award for Great Wall Culture of China;In the 18th and 19th Chinese century, he won the most distinctive Chinese painting and calligraphy award and Chinese painting and calligraphy Inheritance Award respectively.The sixth "Yan Huang Cup" International Painting and Calligraphy Competition gold Award;Gold Medal of the 19th World Chinese International Painting and Calligraphy Competition;Sino-australian Shuangcheng Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition International Gold Award, "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Development Leader" {CETV {Ink {Danqing} Painting Academy.Works included in the compilation: "Sotheby's" pictorial, "Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Painting and calligraphy", "World artists Dictionary", "Art for the people", "New China art Atlas 1949-2018", "Model of Southern Guangdong", "China Times", "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy", "Entrepreneur Daily" and other newspapers and periodicals.Works by Jingdezhen fired Chinese white high-end national tea;The works shall be printed as stamp albums and issued stamps;The 2019 Chinese Artists Calendar published by China Central Television and the 2019 Chinese Dream Calendar published by World Knowledge Pictorial;The work "Chinese Heroic Wind" is inscribed on the New Great Wall for permanent display and recorded and archived by the calligraphy and Painting section of National Treasure Archives.The work "Red Plum news" by the state permanent collection of relevant departments.

In November 2018, by the China federation of art art center, art center of Chinese culture association, China artists association, Chinese couplets society, Chinese claborate-style painting association jointly organized the "celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up new literary group artist exhibition" in China, the home of the writers and artists federation held victory, works successfully into the exhibition to cheer eye, under extremely high acclaim and attention!

During the NPC and CPPCC sessions in 2019, I participated in the reporting of new art and calligraphy and painting pioneers, and 60 media carried out reports and printed personal picture albums."Duyi Shuangxin Artist" and other honors were awarded to the annual Television Character Award Ceremony for Chinese Culture Channel by CCTV in 2019.

Liu Shiquan’s works appreciation:

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