The difference between inflatable tents and bracket tents



1. Weight
Because metal bracket tents use iron pipes as brackets, the related weights are generally relatively large, which will cause problems for transportation and movement. The larger the tent, the more brackets are used. Now with the increase of the tent area, the load-bearing demand is greater, which also leads to the increased load-bearing of the bracket, and the correspondingly larger wall thickness will be used. Iron pipes make tents heavier.

Inflatable tents, because the air column structure is generally used on the frame, it is generally lighter than the ordinary metal bracket tent with the iron pipe bracket structure, so it is relatively easy to transport.

inflatable tent

2. Volume
In the same tent volume, the tent of the metal bracket structure cannot be packaged freely because of the existence of the iron pipe bracket; so the length of the general iron pipe bracket is also longer, resulting in smaller vehicles that will not fit in. In this way, relatively large vehicles are required for its transportation.

Inflatable tents, because of the use of an air column frame, can be folded freely after the air column is deflated; this design allows the tent to be folded freely after use, only occupying a small volume, and can be easily put into small households Inside the vehicle, it is very easy to transport.

3. Erection and dismantling
Generally speaking, metal support tents need to be erected by multiple people, and it takes a long time to erect, and the larger the tent, the more people it needs, and the longer it takes.

Relatively speaking, the installation of inflatable tents will be very convenient. Just lay the tent on the open ground, connect the foot pump or electric pump, and it can be erected in a few minutes with only one person.

The same is true when dismantling, the number of people required for the removal and packing of the metal bracket is relatively large, and it takes a long time.
Inflatable tents only need to be naturally deflated when they are removed, so that they can be packaged together with the air column. If there is an air pump, the removal of the inflatable tent will be faster.


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