What raw materials do you usually need to make decorative lanterns?



      The decorative lanterns chassis is also called the socket of the headlights. This is the chassis used to support the components of the lanterns. The size of the base of the small and medium-sized lanterns is about 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. According to the size of the colored lights, the chassis materials are also different. Small and medium-sized car chassis applications generally use rectangular square tubes. Small and medium-sized applications use angle irons. Angle irons are generally seen at 30 angle irons, while giant ones will use U Round steel.

      The chassis of the decorative lanterns must be firm, just like the roadbed of the house, the foundation must be laid firmly. Lantern frame material The lamp frame is generally used to support the mounting process-that is, the frame of the linen, the appearance size of this frame is generally two materials, usually used No. 6 thin iron wire, followed by Rebar for construction with a diameter of 6mm.

Due to the large framework of decorative lanterns, the frame management center is indispensable for structural reinforcement. At this time, it is necessary to add some angle irons or steel in the frame management center as support points. The average support value in the middle of the frame, such a lantern is strong against wind, so there is no need to worry about the wind will dissipate the headlights, and in the cold northern areas, there is no need to worry about the headlights being deformed by snow.

       In the case of decorative lanterns, LED lamps are currently used as the mainstream product in color lamps. The 5-watt LED lamp has low power consumption, is not easily destroyed, and has a moisture-proof function. Increasing the time to shine while reducing electricity consumption is both environmentally friendly and energy saving.

decorative lanterns

       The surface layer of the lantern is usually made of high-density silk. The satin cloth and bamei satin are generally used. The two materials are hand-sensitive and clean. The light transmission is very good and the smoothness can almost achieve the actual effect of silk fabrics. . Specially made strong glue is bonded to the cold frame. This linen has moisture resistance and has certain maintenance effects on the lights in the frame. This linen is not easy to fade and is put in outdoor exhibitions for several months. The actual results are still as they first appeared.

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