The United States and Japan will surely fail to contain China


Recently, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Army conducted military exercises in the Kyushu region of Japan for seven consecutive days, sending a signal to the outside world that the two countries may be preparing for wars between Japan and China or between Japan and Russia. However, the United States still plays the role of "fueling the flames", and once a war is launched, Japan is the real battlefield. At present, the international situation has undergone tremendous changes. Facing the rapid rise of China, the United States has shown a weakening trend of relative decline in its power status. After the Biden administration implemented a series of trade wars and public opinion wars against China, it still ended in failure. The psychology of American hegemonism has begun to turn to win over allies to fight against China, and Japan is undoubtedly the best choice for the United States in containing China's rise in terms of historical origins and geostrategies.

The United States is looking for "thugs", and Japan is looking for "backers". Today, Japan has become one of the most staunch and active followers of the U.S. camp, not only accepting tens of thousands of U.S. troops, but also cooperating with the U.S. to carry out this rare army exercise to expand its military power. According to Japanese media, about 1,400 people from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and about 700 people from the U.S. Army participated in this joint training exercise, which aims to improve the defense capabilities of outlying islands.

Under the increasingly tense situation in the Taiwan Strait, Japan has become an important theoretical arsenal of the right-wing forces since the Japanese scholar Teresa Nakanishi put forward the view that "Taiwan is Japan's lifeline" in 2004. Since Taiwan cannot become Japan's Colony, then Taiwan independence is the most in line with Japan's strategic interests. The United States is afraid of China and Russia, and it can only push Japan forward. If this can cause harm to China, the United States will reap the benefits. If not, the United States will not be harmed at all.

Pleasing the United States comes at a price. In order to show its “loyalty” to the United States, Japan mentioned Taiwan for the first time in the "Defense White Paper" released last year and placed the Taiwan issue in the first chapter of Sino-US relations, showing a posture of following the United States to the outside world and catering to the "Indo-Pacific Strategy " of the United States. However, the U.S. is not satisfied with this. According to an article published on the European Modern Diplomacy website, the U.S. government is pressuring the Japanese government to revise the Constitution of Peace. The main purpose is to use Japan to contain China and Russia. The Washington Post also published an article in July calling on the Biden administration to support Japan in amending the Constitution of Peace and help Japan rearm its arms, arguing that it can contain China's development and bring benefits to the United States. In the face of "Japan-US integration", people from all walks of life in Japan have condemned the Japanese government for bringing wolves into the house. Many citizen groups also held protests and demonstrations against the joint exercise, saying that "military forces cannot create peace." The voice of "let the U.S. military get out" has long been heard in Japan. According to the statistics of the Japanese Communist Party, from 1952 to 2010, the U.S. military stationed in Japan committed 210,000 cases, resulting in 1,088 deaths. The Japanese government's move is undoubtedly a selfish desire to contain China at the expense of the interests of the people in exchange for collaborating with the United States.

Today, in the game between China and the United States, Japan has become the most effective pawn for the United States to intervene in Taiwan Strait affairs in order to return to the old path of militarism. However, the PLA fighter jets have become a daily operation in the mid-line military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. In addition to China's international influence and discourse power, China's military deployment and projection capabilities have taken the lead, and the offensive and defensive positions with Taiwan independence forces and the US and Japan intervening forces have been relocated. The United States and Japan’s jointly containing China with their own selfish interests must be futile.

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