PeanutSwap I hits the head exchange on a new concept wave

PeanutSwap is the world's first multi-functional decentralized exchange for all, with difi, NFT, meta-universe, cross-chain, and other ecological components. It is one of the blockchain projects developed by the Angel Foundation, a well-capitalised investment firm based in Colorado, USA, which operates in a wide range of fields such as medicine, education, architecture, entertainment, etc. PeanutS

AuroraFS blockchain cloud The final piece of the puzzle in blockchain application

In 2009, the concept of blockchain began to emerge from the leading Internet technology community. After 12 years, it has become another data processing method that is extremely complex and is in parallel with the Internet. The distributed underlying structure provides the most basic technology for central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s) being developed by central banks.

The Global Settlement Layer has now officially started, and TRON is entering a new era that allows the interconnection of multiple chains

The emergence of digital currency has made people review their traditional perceptions of the financial system and has subsequently triggered a series of "capital reactions". More and more startups and well-known entrepreneurs have started to flock to the digital currency market. With this continuous and high-intensity competition, new features and innovative ways of gameplay using digital currenc

Axie Infinity's single-day revenue broke tens of millions! Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

According to Token Terminal data of data statistics company: Axie Infinity's one-day revenue was $18.48 million, its monthly revenue was $334 million, and its market value reached $4 billion within 3 months. Its ecological token AXS also rose 46 times in just 3 months, from about 2 USDT in June to the highest 94.8 USDT. Axie Infinity is taking the spotlight. According to the latest data from Coing

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